Sunday, June 2, 2013

My style : 4.17.2013

[Cosette, me, and Joon]

Back in April we hit some unseasonably hot, HOT weather.  Luckily the heat didn't kill everything that was growing in our back yard at the time, and of course the dogs loved it.  Me?  Not so much.  But at least it got me into the mindset of thinking summer and starting to plan wardrobe options.

I've only worn these leggings two times, but that will be changing soon now that the hot weather is back and summer is pretty much officially here.  I found them on Sourpuss Clothing back in early March and I'm really glad that I made the purchase.  They are very similar to a pair of BlackMilk leggings that I had been swooning over.  I still plain to own a pair of theirs one day, but these were a more wallet friendly option.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I know...

Gone.  Again.

Sure there are several things that I could place blame on and why I've been gone this time, but why bother.  It will only make me annoyed that I let that interfere, so I will just let it go.  I have however, thought of this place, and people who peek in a lot and I still have been documenting things... just haven't made it on here to share it.

So with that, the next few bits will be backlogged photographs of outfits, my yard, my dogs, and my beginning adventures into finally taking up my cello with proper lessons and all!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I had only meant to take a week off from my blog, but, well, look what happened.

On March 6th we finally got our snow!  Here in Cville, we got anywhere from 8-13".  I think we ended up sweeping 10" of heavy snow off our car once it had stopped.  After whining all winter about never getting any real snow, my dad was right.  Even though it was late in the winter/early in the spring, I got my snow!  And even just Sunday we got about 6 more inches that was gone by Tuesday.  Ah well.


Then there was the ever lovely Mercury Retrograde which I let effect me and my life way more than I usually do.  I still almost feel like I am picking up the pieces, and we're already more then a week of post retrograde craziness.  Note to self: don't let this happen again in June.  Got it?

Along with the confusion and weirdness that comes with Retrograde, I've been dealing with so much fatigue lately.  I wonder if some of it has anything to do with the rough start of my year and finally catching up from it?  Anxieties and doubt have been at a high as well, and I know damn well this can really slow someone down.

But I'm back and trying, and I've documented a lot since I've posted so I've got a lot to share!  For those of you have stayed, Thank you, again.

Sorry to get a little personal, or more so than I have, but when self doubt crashes your party what are some ways that you find are helpful to take back?  Like I was talking with someone else, I know a lot of  it depends on the individual and the circumstances, but any ideas would be appreciated <3>

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Style : 2.24.2013





Trying to play catch up a bit on my day off!  Taken this past weekend which turned out to be much more quiet than I had originally planned, but this is not a bad thing.  The weather was chilly, but not cold like it had been so I opted to just layer like mad.  A little frumpy, yes, but I was comfortable.

Converse cardigan
Shark bite tunic from Forever 21 forever ago
Skull lace shirt from a bargain rack(!)
Decree skinny jeans which I still get elephant knees in...
Jeffrey Campbell HOMG skeleton
MAC Ruby Woo lip

Hard Candy 2013

[Hard Candy "Black tie optional"]

[Hard Candy "Black tie optional" and "Sugar rush"]

Right after New Year's I caught wind of the entire Hard Candy line of nail polishes being discontinued to make way for a revamped selection.  I wasn't thinking that I would have come across it so soon, but I'm glad that I did.  For the release there are 5 "collections" with 9 colours in each.  There are obvious hard nods towards indie polishes/finishes from heavy glitters, the black and white glitter, and the candy coated colour glitters made famous by indie polishes and Nails Inc.  

What I opted for was of course the black and white glitter(I had to buy two!) mix which contains a good amount of glitter in each swipe and no fishing was needed for me.  Two coats was fine, but I'd recommend using Gelous to tame the glitter a bit.  I am not one to mind a gritty feeling manicure, but when bar or tinsel glitter is involved it's a must!  The other I bought was "Sugar rush", but I've yet to wear this one.  In the photos it looks to be a blueish tint, but I swear when I look at it I see gray.  Either way it's pretty and it will be my first time trying the candy manicure.

Keep an eye out for these because there are definitely some fun shades to try!  They are only available at WalMart(wah wah), but they are worth a peek.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Art : Laurie Lipton

[La Luz - Laurie Lipton - charcoal and pencil]

Though I don't roam around on Tumblr like I used to, I have to say that it has shown me some pretty amazing art over the few years I've been on there that I may not have seen until much later.  One such artist that has stuck with me all started with the above image.   I was so pulled in to it from the subject matter, the inspiration, and the amazing amount of detail that I did an image search right away to find out who the proper artist was.  I found that it was New York based artist, Laurie Lipton.  The more I saw of her art, the more I fell in love with it.  All of these samples were done with pencil and charcoal, and the detail is just exquisite.

[Queen of bones - Laurie Lipton - charcoal and pencil]

You may have even seen this image on a graphic t-shirt featured at All Saints awhile back.

[Laurie Lipton - charcoal and pencil]

[Madonna of the sacred bones - Laurie Lipton - charcoal and pencil]

Do you have an artist that you found by happy accident that has inspired you?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Style : 2.16.2013


[Always pink]

[A lazy over sized sweater type of day]

[Dog teeth and druzy]

[Inside where it was warm]

Today was a total lazy day to wear over the knee socks and over sized sweaters, and I'm not complaining.  There was a "speak" of snow to happen, but it missed us yet again.  Such a disappointing winter it's been.  So much for all the promises from the almanac and the long range weather forecast...

I finally decided to put the vial of teeth on a beaded necklace that I made back in October.  I'm not quiet sure if I am happy with it, but I do like the length and the different ways that I can wear it because of that.  Perhaps it would look better on all black but the same length?  Also I managed to luck out the other night and find several pieces of jewelry that included druzy which I love, and don't own enough of.

I saw something today that made me almost want to stop my blog, but as I thought about it and how silly it was and how long I've had "My Blacks Don't Match"(02/2010!) I think I'll stick around.  Plus I'm starting to meet a lot of fun and interesting people <3>

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tooth Keepsakes

[Joon's puppy teeth that she's given me so far]

Do you have something that you keep with you always?  In plain sight or tucked away, but always there?  I do.  Some may think it's weird, or endearing, but I always have a necklace with me that houses one of Cosette's upper canine puppy teeth from 8 years ago.  I may not always wear it, but it's always with me.

Now the last month and a half Joon has been teething.  Various toys have been helping her, and I'm so glad that she likes rubber toys, unlike Cosette.  This gives her something to do and keep her occupied, and for the most part, not chewing on anything important.  Thursday afternoon I caught her chewing something in her mouth and when I went to check she spit out the larger tooth, a molar.  Then later Friday afternoon I noticed that one of her lower canines was loose to where it was flopped over sideways.  I checked the other and it was loose, but not nearly as much.  Well I wasn't able to catch when the really loose one came out, but I got the other that evening when she was being particularly rough in her crate.  

I've been waiting for these.

[Dissolved root hole]

[Cosette's upper canine puppy tooth[L] next to Joon's lower canine[R]]

Now this is after I dissected my old vial to add Joon's tooth.  They look a little different as you can see.  Cosette's upper canines didn't fall out when they were supposed to.  She kept them for over a year before we had them pulled during her spay.  Despite being tiny, chihuahuas have a lot of room in their mouths and often teeth can be retained.   Both of hers were retained decidious teeth, but I only was able to get one.  As you can see her root never dissolved,  that is because there was enough room and the adult tooth came in beside.  Normally the adult tooth would push the puppy tooth, causing the root to dissolve.

Nerd much?  What can I say, I like teeth(as seen previously in this blog - wisdom teeth).


I love being able to have one of each in there to be able to keep with me always.  Now to put it on the perfect chain/cord/beading!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Style : 2.9.2013

[Love this new high-low skirt]

[Forever awkward]

[Joon wondering what we're doing]

[This happens a lot]

[Joon at 6 months]

I love seeing others "Outfit of the day", or "What I wore" posts, but sometimes when I try to share my own I feel just slightly awkward.  I've been trying to scope out a nice place in my home that I can use to take such photos, and yesterday the corner by the front door seemed like a nice place to try.  I couldn't find my tripod so Jeremi stepped in to help me out which only made it harder not to laugh and then there was Joon wanting her "face time" as well!

Outfit breakdown:
Thrifted black ruched sleeve shirt
Body Central striped high-low skirt(I love this skirt!)
Doc Martens Samuel 10 boots
Anatomical heart from Jeremi and put on a necklace that I made years ago

And just a little PSA - Don't forget that Walking Dead returns tonight on AMC!  Are you excited? ;)

Monday, February 4, 2013

New art

[Me and my Glenn Arthur limited print "Call in the Spirits, where ever they're at"]

A couple months back on instagram I started following an artist,  Glenn Arthur.  I was pulled in by the perfect pouts, stitched hearts, dark romanticism, and colour.  After following for a bit he started to show photo snaps of this piece while it was a work in progress, and even in it's beginnings I was IN LOVE!  I am a sucker for all things Haunted Mansion, and especially Madame Leota, and this, this was perfect.  

On the day that he posted a finished photo of it, apparently it was the same day that it was released for purchase on the website, which is a very cool site where limited edition prints are sold from on a time release.  I showed Jeremi(boylove), and for some reason he didn't seem as excited about the print as I did and that is only because he had already purchased a print for me for Christmas.  So what if it was a little late, it's still amazing to me that I own a print of it, and it's huge!  I don't own a lot of "art" that isn't mine or Jeremi's so this is a big deal to me!  Also my print number is 13/40 so it's even better!

[Hanging in the kitchen]

["Imperial Tacos" by Johnny Crap]

Back in the summer when we got back from Las Vegas, Jeremi ordered this print by Johnny Crap, or Johnathan Bergeron from 1xrun as well.  It now lives above our computer in our little "office nook".

Do you have any fun, or special art pieces that make you happy to look at?


If you've been peeking here, Thank You for being patient with me.  I really needed to change things up a bit.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two tone lip

[Playing around with the two tone lip - top "Pagan Angel", bottom "Ferguson Crest Cabernet"]

[Black skull necklace - kreepsville666]

["Ferguson Crest Cabernet", "Pagan Angel"]

I don't wear a ton of makeup, and I don't buy a lot of expensive makeup.  Sure I have my share of MAC products(mostly lipsticks and shadows), and I'm itching for LimeCrime's "Serpentina" and "Poisonberry" lips,  but my everyday look is lipbalm of some sort and Wet n' Wild's black liquid liner.  Yep!  So when I ran out yesterday and had to stop at the drug store for more liner I couldn't help but peek around and look at their displays.

Which brings me to these two that I picked up.  They are made by Wet n' Wild partnered with Fergie.  I've tried two of the polishes from her/them and wasn't terribly impressed.  Most were dupes of polishes that I had something terribly close to already.  This was the first time I'd seen any lipsticks.  The two that I naturally gravitated toward was a black - "pagan angel", and a purple berry - "ferguson crest cabernet" .  The black is your average solid black,  but not a sure blackout, pity.  The berry colour is a lot more purple than what my photos lead to.  I immediately swatched them as a two tone look, and love it!  They wear decently, but for $3.69 they are worth trying especially when I'm trying to make my MAC style black lipstick line last!

December 2012 - part two photos

[Festive manicure for a special night with....]

[The huge surprise was my little sister, Meg, flying in from California early to go with us!]

[Meg, me, and my mom, Lori ready to see John Waters (Jeremi was too!)]

[A Christmas with John Waters!  We've been trying to get tickets for 4 years now, but it always sells out.  It was amazing and I highly recommend going next year!]

[For the first time ever, a quiet Christmas Eve]

[Christmas morning, complete with fireplace on the television]

[Ain't no shame in Joon's game]

[A few nights before we celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary, Dad cut one of these for all of his daughters]

[Nothing says Happy Holidays like white chocolate peppermint skeletons!]

[The Leg Lamp outside my parents front window.  A tradition every year]

So that was my December in a visual nutshell.  It was more quiet than most, but I totally appreciated that and felt like I was able to enjoy my time even more.