Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I had only meant to take a week off from my blog, but, well, look what happened.

On March 6th we finally got our snow!  Here in Cville, we got anywhere from 8-13".  I think we ended up sweeping 10" of heavy snow off our car once it had stopped.  After whining all winter about never getting any real snow, my dad was right.  Even though it was late in the winter/early in the spring, I got my snow!  And even just Sunday we got about 6 more inches that was gone by Tuesday.  Ah well.


Then there was the ever lovely Mercury Retrograde which I let effect me and my life way more than I usually do.  I still almost feel like I am picking up the pieces, and we're already more then a week of post retrograde craziness.  Note to self: don't let this happen again in June.  Got it?

Along with the confusion and weirdness that comes with Retrograde, I've been dealing with so much fatigue lately.  I wonder if some of it has anything to do with the rough start of my year and finally catching up from it?  Anxieties and doubt have been at a high as well, and I know damn well this can really slow someone down.

But I'm back and trying, and I've documented a lot since I've posted so I've got a lot to share!  For those of you have stayed, Thank you, again.

Sorry to get a little personal, or more so than I have, but when self doubt crashes your party what are some ways that you find are helpful to take back?  Like I was talking with someone else, I know a lot of  it depends on the individual and the circumstances, but any ideas would be appreciated <3>