Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hard Candy 2013

[Hard Candy "Black tie optional"]

[Hard Candy "Black tie optional" and "Sugar rush"]

Right after New Year's I caught wind of the entire Hard Candy line of nail polishes being discontinued to make way for a revamped selection.  I wasn't thinking that I would have come across it so soon, but I'm glad that I did.  For the release there are 5 "collections" with 9 colours in each.  There are obvious hard nods towards indie polishes/finishes from heavy glitters, the black and white glitter, and the candy coated colour glitters made famous by indie polishes and Nails Inc.  

What I opted for was of course the black and white glitter(I had to buy two!) mix which contains a good amount of glitter in each swipe and no fishing was needed for me.  Two coats was fine, but I'd recommend using Gelous to tame the glitter a bit.  I am not one to mind a gritty feeling manicure, but when bar or tinsel glitter is involved it's a must!  The other I bought was "Sugar rush", but I've yet to wear this one.  In the photos it looks to be a blueish tint, but I swear when I look at it I see gray.  Either way it's pretty and it will be my first time trying the candy manicure.

Keep an eye out for these because there are definitely some fun shades to try!  They are only available at WalMart(wah wah), but they are worth a peek.

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  1. does the sugar rush have a bluish tint? It looks a lot like the sparkly light bluish one I got not too long ago (I think you had actually told me about it ) but I can't tell that well from the photo, it looks like it could be silver or blue, haha. Either way, pretty!