Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two tone lip

[Playing around with the two tone lip - top "Pagan Angel", bottom "Ferguson Crest Cabernet"]

[Black skull necklace - kreepsville666]

["Ferguson Crest Cabernet", "Pagan Angel"]

I don't wear a ton of makeup, and I don't buy a lot of expensive makeup.  Sure I have my share of MAC products(mostly lipsticks and shadows), and I'm itching for LimeCrime's "Serpentina" and "Poisonberry" lips,  but my everyday look is lipbalm of some sort and Wet n' Wild's black liquid liner.  Yep!  So when I ran out yesterday and had to stop at the drug store for more liner I couldn't help but peek around and look at their displays.

Which brings me to these two that I picked up.  They are made by Wet n' Wild partnered with Fergie.  I've tried two of the polishes from her/them and wasn't terribly impressed.  Most were dupes of polishes that I had something terribly close to already.  This was the first time I'd seen any lipsticks.  The two that I naturally gravitated toward was a black - "pagan angel", and a purple berry - "ferguson crest cabernet" .  The black is your average solid black,  but not a sure blackout, pity.  The berry colour is a lot more purple than what my photos lead to.  I immediately swatched them as a two tone look, and love it!  They wear decently, but for $3.69 they are worth trying especially when I'm trying to make my MAC style black lipstick line last!

December 2012 - part two photos

[Festive manicure for a special night with....]

[The huge surprise was my little sister, Meg, flying in from California early to go with us!]

[Meg, me, and my mom, Lori ready to see John Waters (Jeremi was too!)]

[A Christmas with John Waters!  We've been trying to get tickets for 4 years now, but it always sells out.  It was amazing and I highly recommend going next year!]

[For the first time ever, a quiet Christmas Eve]

[Christmas morning, complete with fireplace on the television]

[Ain't no shame in Joon's game]

[A few nights before we celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary, Dad cut one of these for all of his daughters]

[Nothing says Happy Holidays like white chocolate peppermint skeletons!]

[The Leg Lamp outside my parents front window.  A tradition every year]

So that was my December in a visual nutshell.  It was more quiet than most, but I totally appreciated that and felt like I was able to enjoy my time even more.

December 2012 part one - photos

[A Trader Joe's moved into our neighborhood... two words: cookie.  butter.]

[We finally found the perfect tree]

[Perfect Christmas cupcake from the Cupcake Company in Harrisonburg, VA]

[In love with my Kreepsville666 necklace]

[Shenandoah Joe's coffee in Charlottesville, VA was very festive this year!]

[I'm obsessed with how people decorate their trees, here are a few close peeks of ours]

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Autumn 2012- photos

[Fall was beautiful this year]

[Easy and fun Martha Stewart bat head band that I made]

[My boyloves costume this year that I didn't even know about until it arrived]

[Dressing up for halloween this year - super easy.  Just pulled from my every day closet]

[Remembrance and celebration]

[On the 2nd day of Dia De Los Muertos we celebrated a new member into our little family, Joon who was already 3 months old]


[Thanksgiving face]

I'm alive!

It's been a while since I've been here.  Though probably not missed, I did miss my sharing here, as sporadic as it was.  As with everything ever, life gets in the way sometimes and I let it.  Nothing bad, but just the every day things.  Even though I've not been updating here I have always had my camera in hand to make sure I document as much as I can, and my phone for that matter for doing the same with instagram.  One of my new years resolutions is to keep up with this much better than I did in 2012.  For those of you who have stayed, Thank You!  Like I said, I try to always have my camera with me to document so the next few posts will be mostly photos and few words.  I kind of like it better that way.

I hope that the holidays/every days where kind to you and I hope that 2013 is magical!

[Last face of 2012]