Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell skeleton HOMG - they arrived!

[The skeleton HOMG's right out of the box and relaced.]

They made it!  And the best part - they fit!  Perfectly even!  I had a huge disappointment earlier in the week when the Doc Marten's that I had ordered showed up unbelievably too big.  They have been sent back in exchange for the next size down... so we will see.

But these, these shoes make me laugh when I wear them!  Too much fun, and I love the 2" platform on them.

[Excellent 2" platform.]

[Trying them out in my back yard, and I managed to get my skelemingos behind me too.]

[Shoe dork sitting on the kitchen floor.]

The boylove and I are off to the yearly family reunion and I plan on wearing these.  Hopefully I'll get another full shot photo with them.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cosette's style

[Taken yesterday in our backyard and stolen from my instagram]

So I'm not one of those dog owners that dress their dog up for every occasion, but Cosette does have her fair share of sweaters and coats for the colder months.  Hey, when you have a 6.64lb smooth coat dog that has no fur on her underside from under her chin down, you need to help out!  I found this little gem while waiting inline at TJMaxx the other day.  Not bad for $4.99 and it's so soft lightweight enough that she just lounges around in it.. keeps her from stealing blankets from me!  Yeah her style isn't that much different from mine :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I caved today.

And I bought these.  

So I've been on the prowl for awhile now for a good pair of combat boots.  I've been lost since my beloved new rock defenders died the other year.  I'm torn between two pair of doc's, but then I found these... and i caved today.  

I've been in love with Jeffrey Campbell shoes ever since I saw the "clinic" shoes and tracked down who made them.  The Lita will be on my feet one day when I can find the glitter, or solid black in my size, but until then, these will be my first JC's!  I still want a pair of "Nightwalks", but there are several places where I've seen a good knockoff to be able to try before spending on the real thing.

I hope they fit.  We will see.  It was recommended that if you are between sizes, to go up a size.  

I'm still on my search for boots.  I keep finding them, and by the time I decide to order them my size is gone.  That is why I went ahead with these.  I missed out on the skeleton print doc martens and I still regret it.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just because...

I just found this and I had to share, so...

Good Morning!  Enjoy your coffee!

my style: skulls and purple

[9.09.2012 photo taken with jem's iphone]

[my favourite sunglasses]



dress -  forever 21. Several years ago and it's staple for me.  Very easy to layer and looks good with anything.
black shorts - spring street
purple iris tights - Target
shoes - Rampage
scarf - rue 21
purple lucite skull ring - Masks Y Mas in Abq, NM

I wore this on what felt like the last truly hot day of the summer.  It's been a tough one this year with the heat, and then the humidity doesn't help either.  Summer, I think, is when I mostly miss living in the desert because it's all dry heat and no humidity.

That being said!  Here in Virginia, we're now approaching(finally!) the days where it stays under 80 degrees with little to no humidity!  Fall is definitely on it's way and I couldn't be happier!

[manicure for the day]

I say manicure For the day because I was lazy and didn't bother adding a topcoat.  So of course by the next day and my job, I had some pretty major tipwear and just took it off.  That is not to say that I didn't love this polish.  It's Sephora by OPI's 212.  I know it's an older shade, and to be honest I'm not sure why it took me so long to try.  There is a lot going on with it - flecks, flakes, and micro holographic glitter!  I'd say a perfect colour for Fall with the flecks catching a gold, and the flakes on the blackish brown base looking like fallen leaves!