Monday, February 4, 2013

New art

[Me and my Glenn Arthur limited print "Call in the Spirits, where ever they're at"]

A couple months back on instagram I started following an artist,  Glenn Arthur.  I was pulled in by the perfect pouts, stitched hearts, dark romanticism, and colour.  After following for a bit he started to show photo snaps of this piece while it was a work in progress, and even in it's beginnings I was IN LOVE!  I am a sucker for all things Haunted Mansion, and especially Madame Leota, and this, this was perfect.  

On the day that he posted a finished photo of it, apparently it was the same day that it was released for purchase on the website, which is a very cool site where limited edition prints are sold from on a time release.  I showed Jeremi(boylove), and for some reason he didn't seem as excited about the print as I did and that is only because he had already purchased a print for me for Christmas.  So what if it was a little late, it's still amazing to me that I own a print of it, and it's huge!  I don't own a lot of "art" that isn't mine or Jeremi's so this is a big deal to me!  Also my print number is 13/40 so it's even better!

[Hanging in the kitchen]

["Imperial Tacos" by Johnny Crap]

Back in the summer when we got back from Las Vegas, Jeremi ordered this print by Johnny Crap, or Johnathan Bergeron from 1xrun as well.  It now lives above our computer in our little "office nook".

Do you have any fun, or special art pieces that make you happy to look at?


  1. Uuuuh, wonderful!
    I'd also like to!
    Even your hairstyle is a beautiful work of art!


    1. <3 Thank you, it takes a lot of work!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm really pleased with them! finally!