Tuesday, February 14, 2012

st. valentine's day

[02.14.2012 OPI glitters from the muppets holiday 2011 collection]


much love to all of you today, but express it every day! <3

Saturday, February 11, 2012

playback : 2.4.2012

[2.4.2012 my epic hood on my winter coat]

[taken by the boylove with instagram]

[2.4.2012 mayan chocolate tea at the tea house]

i've been a little slow.  forgive me.  there is so much going on right now, but not bad things.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

new polish finds

[1.31.2012 my evening included homemade mulled wine, and a new manicure]

[secret peri-wink-le(permanent collection) and gothic lolita and gaga for green from the electropop collection]

i stopped by cosmoprof yesterday after i left my full time job because i had run out of nail tek.  the last time i was there i saw the full collection of china glaze's "electropop" but i didn't seen any i absolutely needed.  that is until i thought about it.  i left yesterday with gothic lolita, gaga for green, and secret peri-wink-le.   last nite i kept looking at secret peri-wink-le and decided that it needed to be the first tried.

[venique deviant little sneaker]

i also saw the full line of venique there, and not just the small holiday display.  venique is new to the polish market and it's made with sil-tek, which allows the polish to expand and contract with wear.  i purchased two other colours back in december that were in the initial launch collection and both being glitter topcoats.  i have to admit, there was hardly any chipping and i am very rough on a manicure.  the official website doesn't seem to be really up yet, but check out this blog to see a little more and read a great review.  you can also see the two glitters i bought as well.   the one that i picked up yesterday, deviant little sneaker, is a mauve-y plum glimmer base, with small round silver and red glitter throughout.  i'll definitely photo once i try it out.