Monday, November 28, 2011

[a ring that i made thanksgiving day]

i have been very bad with updating this, and i apologize.  with the holidays so close, and now one past, things have been busy in my worklife.  very!  

i am alive and i have been documenting, and now i have a lot to share!  which is a good thing!

and i have to say hello because i see some new faces:  thank you :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

dia de los muertos


[11.2.2011 our altar]

[11.2.2011 - grandaddy owen, and mrs. comer]

[11.2.2011 lil warren and sandra]


[11.2.2011 a smile for them]

we celebrate day of the dead, or dia de los muertos.  last year was the hardest yet.  it's never to easy to place a new photo or belonging for a loved one lost, but when you have to double it...  this year was much easier than last.  i did not cry when i set up the altar.  when i placed the food, i did not cry.  jem saw it when i was done setting everything up, and he smiled.

remember and show love to who you have and who you have lost.  smile and wish them well.  remember what they left you with and appreciate it because they are never fully gone from you.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween weekend 2011 - part two - home

[pre surgery]

[taking a break from serious pumpkin carving - meg, my little sister]


[our pumpkins actually got carved this year!]

halloween day was spent being lazy and staying close to home, visiting grandma and a sick mum, feasting, carving pumpkins, sipping spiked cider, and watching movies.

not a bad halloween weekend.  though, i will say that it made me realize that i slacked a lot this year with preparation.  next year it will be different!  watch out!

halloween weekend 2011 - part one - charlottesville

[clip from monster squad explaining wolfman's nards]

[shawn's creation]

[my nard was showing]

our weekend included spending some much needed time with some of the most amazing people we know, seeing Monster Squad for the first time(for me anyway), having "wolfman's nards" while watching Monster Squad: "my nards are showing"  "top 'em off!"!  

wolfman's nards:
1 1/2oz vodka(we started off with svedka, and then went with pinnacle's whipped cream vodka..amazing)
1oz kahlua 
3/4 oz cream
lindt chocolate truffles dropped in

my wolfman apparently had a cryptorchid....heh.  

[10.30.2011 before leaving]

[get it.. brighter fires..]

[broken glass cupcakes - red velvet cake with cream cheese, and broken candy glass shards]

[the pumpkin carving skills there were amazing]

on sunday we made it back over the mountain to go see the first show by Brighter Fires, two amazing and talented people(see also Andy Deane of Bella Morte).  they did wonderful for it being 36degrees outside, and their first live run through!  i'm glad that we were able to make it to support.

halloween skull face

[when all else failed, skull face 10.30.2011]