Thursday, December 9, 2010

hello winter and december

and i know the hellos for winter are a little premature, but given the temperature here the last week hasn't broken 35degrees, it seems appropriate!  now i'm just waiting for more than a dusting of snow!

[autopsy baby ornament jeremi made for an ornament exhange.  everyone fought for it.  my parents got it!]

[ornament that mum had me pick out for me and jeremi's first christmas together.]

[at the coffee pot back home.  my dad peeking through the window!]

[my nails looked like a candy cane shit on them!]

[pinecone string lights]

[some views of our tree.  there will be more.]

i'm trying to stay on top of all things christmas related this year.  given that i'm loosing a few days from work that they normally give out, mercury goes into retrograde tomorrow(10th-30th!), and jeremi's little sister is going to be visiting from new mexico december 20th - january 5th, i don't want to be behind!  good luck!

goodbye autumn and thanksgiving

once again, a huge gap between posts.  i really need to fix that!  i'll admit, i waste too much time on tumblr.

autumn and all the wonders that come with it have come and gone peacefully and quietly.

[me as alex delarge]

[full body]

[confused chihuahua]

[halloween glitter manicure]

[most amazing halloween <3]

[our alter for dia de los muertos 11.1.2010 - 11.2.2010]

then it goes a  little quiet.  the celebration for dia de los muertos(day of the dead) was a little harder this year.    i take comfort in knowing that they are happy, worry free, and enjoyed the posole and chocolate chip cookies i laid out for them

[looking off my parents deck on thanksgiving day]

Sunday, November 14, 2010


[11.14.2010 sitting on my balcony]

a rare naked nail moment.  i adore that tree and my new black lace cardigan <3.  

it's been a little warmer here than it was a couple of weeks ago.  i don't mind it, but i am one of those people who would rather be cold than hot.  granted 60degrees isn't really warm, but chilly enough to be able to layer which i love to do.

hard to believe thanksgiving is just around the corner.  then christmas and now i'm actually excited for christmas since we'll have a special visitor with us!  then it's goodbye 2010, you awful year you, and hello 2011 and please be good to me.  at least in january i'll be starting school for nail technician and getting my mind off a lot of things.  can't wait!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

zombie zest

[flipped wrongways. why are blogs doing this to my photos?  yes i've rotated it and saved in photoshop...]

just sharing a quick photo i took of a drippy ChinaGlaze zombie zest manicure i did about 2 weeks ago.  i think out of the entire awakening set for halloween by CG this year, zombie zest was the best!

i have so much to share.  damn tumblr <3

good news though!  it is official!  january 2011, i will be starting classes to become a licensed nail technician

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

way behind

and i do feel bad for that, but tumblr has caught a lot of my attention lately.

and speaking of things catching my attention... come january 2011, i will be enrolled to start nail tech classes!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


[me today 10.5.2010]

i will gush about my black pumpkin pail.  i used to have one when i was little, and like most things, through the years it was misplaced and then dubbed "lost".  now, i remember when you would see these everywhere that the pumpkin pails were sold.  every year.  never fail.  that is until you want to replace it.  once i started to look for them, they were no where to be found.  i even trolled ebay and various halloween message boards and livejoural communities in hopes that someone could spot one for me, or sell one to me.  nothing.  that is until this year walking through the mostly disappointing halloween section in target, and low and behold... my pumpkin pail.  i even sat down and went through all of them to pick the one that i thought had the best paint job....sad huh?

they remind me of vintage halloween, i think that is why i love them so much.  

and why not pucker up to it wearing the coveted MAC Venomous Villains "violetta" from the maleficent collection <3

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

new find

[20 eyelet-no-inside-zipper-gripfast-happiness 9.13.2010]

i have been without a good pair of boots for almost a year since my trusted new rocks finally died(december 2001-october 2009).  i am very picky when it comes to finding new boots, and most that i like end up having the tacky inside zipper.  the way i see it, if you're going to have combat boots, suck it up with the lacing ;}.   

friday jeremi and i went to my parents house to see if we could find our tennis rackets there.  i was rummaging around in the upstairs sewing room and found these boots.  they belonged to my little sister when she went through her "goth phase" in high school probably 12+ years ago   when she got these i opted for the shorter 14eyelet pair.  she managed to wear these out just long enough to scuff the toes to hell. with some sharpie and a change of the lacing, new life was breathed back into these.  

[standing there 9.13.2010]

outfit breakdown:
-shirt queen ester
-leggings bozzolo
-boots gripfast
-sunglasses forever21
-necklace 1 wirewrapped by my sister with moonstone and goldstone
-necklace 2 made by me.  has a little vial with cosettes puppy tooth(not in photo)

baltimore, md weekend [image heavy]

after the summer that jeremi and i have had, it was much needed to have a few days where we could completely get away from everything here at home.  with having a 4 day weekend given to me(thank you!), we took advantage and jeremi, my older sister and her two daughters, and i all went up to baltimore, md to visit the national aquarium.  it was perfect!

[dragon paddle boats tethered 9.11.2010]

[dragon paddle boats overlooking the inner harbor while it's still quiet 9.11.2010]

[hiding octopus 9.11.2010]

[amazon river exhibit.  lily in foreground 9.11.2010]

[amazon river exhibit 9.11.2010]

[sideneck turtle in the river exhibit 9.11.2010]

[puffins! 9.11.2010]

[pacific stinging nettle 9.11.2010]

[pacific stinging nettle 9.11.2010]

[cloud jelly fish 9.11.2010]

[jeremi watching the cloud jelly fish 9.11.2010]

[me watching the stinging nettles 9.11.2010]

[cluster of upside down jelly fish 9.11.2010]

[a very small upside down jelly fish and my left index fingernail for size 9.11.2010]

[matching the ship docked in the harbor 9.11.2010]

outfit breakdown:
-shirt tarea simple black tank with zippered back
-skirt forever21 from the circus twist collection
-black leggings
-shoes rampage
-drape cardigan love
-sunglasses forever21
-random accessories

[wearing sinful colours: "dream on", covergirls: "city lights", and sally xtreme: "in the spotlight"]

after our trip to baltimore, and the inner harbor, we drove up to towson, md where we were staying the night.  we settled, and then did some exploring.  the next day we woke up and went to the towson university to attend the asian many moons festival.  there was a lot to see, and do, and eat.  i particularly enjoyed the japanese dance.

[art exhibit by artist yuriko yamaguchi.  this was a shadow cast by one of the pieces. 9.12.2010]

[me with one of the pieces 9.12.2010]

[strawbunnies!  made of straws.  this was in the hands on part of the festival.  they had stations set up to where you could make things.  morgan and i did the chinese knotting.  we made a double coin knott 9.12.2010]

[the mountains as we got closer to home 9.12.2010]

get away weekend - preview

[watching the pacific stinging nettles 9.11.2010]

[pacific stinging nettle 9.11.2011 national aquarium in baltimore, maryland]

Monday, September 6, 2010

chihuahua and polish

[bad/quick photo of little cosette and her bat wings

[ORLY's "charged up" and icing's "glamorous"]

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


yeah.  i like rings.  a lot.  can you tell?  

i've been trying to organize our bedroom.  in the process i have really only managed to organize most of my jewelry and some clothes, and create a bigger mess than what i started with.  which just means a total tear down of the bedroom the way it is and rearrange.  normally i have a very hard time with rearranging, but this would be a good thing.

so yes, rings.  i've always loved them, and i say i've got a nice little collection of them.  a good 8(or more..) i've made either by wire wrapping, strategic gluing, or replacing cabochons with tiny watch gears.  then there are the repeating themes: rhinestones, insects encased in resin or lucite, bows, and purple.  

i used to be a part of a group on livejournal that was called "package friends".  it was a really neat idea and different spin on penpals.   this filigree ring was sent to me in one of the rounds i took part in and originally it had a blue cabochon that just didn't look right.  after some prying, i was able to remove it and replace it with two watch gears in a few thin layers of resin.

this is probably one of the most important to me in my collection because of who made it, what it is, and the timing of it.  on july 16th my family all went and spent a day at smith mountain lake in lynchburg, va.  my little sister, who now lives happily in san francisco, ca, was also down to visit.  the last time i had seen her she was just starting out with some intense wire wrapping art, and was still getting the hang of it.  this ring she made for me using moonstone, which is one of the june birthstones and the only one i actually like.  also one of my favourite stones for its properties for clarity, and healing.  the entire ring is made only of wire, sterling silver beads, and the single moonstone.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

edward scissorhands cosbaby

there is just something about blind box toys that make me so happy.  it's too bad that where i live now i can't find them, or no one carries them.  this little one was found at astrozombies toys and comics in albuquerque, nm.  we were there on very sad terms, but this was from one of our few good days that we had while we were there.  i can't believe i completely missed these when they came out!  apparently released in 2008?  wow.  

Sunday, August 22, 2010

june 2009

[june 2009 nicole and cosette]

it feels like this was taken so long ago...