Wednesday, January 25, 2012

my style

[geeze my hair is getting long]

apparently when i get nervous, i make jewelry.  faceted mirrored bead necklace made this morning.

Friday, January 20, 2012

heart strings

[taken with lensbaby]

we love art, and the more weird, the better.  in the early 2000's i came across an artist who made amazing marionettes and sculptures.  on my 21st birthday, i was surprised to have this waiting for me when i got home from being taken out to dinner(and having my first legal drink - sake!).  it's really hard to believe it's been over 8yrs ago, wow!

the artist is scott radke:  and you can see more of his art and scupltures here.  he doesn't make many marionettes anymore, but the sculptures and creatures that he creates are amazing!

my style : ears

[2g best of collection - so far!]

it was in 2002 that i started to stretch my ears.  i really didn't have a reason to do it other than having seen a pair of horn spirals at a shop called angel alley while i lived in albuquerque, nm.  i started slowly and made my way up to a size 8g so i could have those spirals.  it took me 5yrs to get to and decide that i would stop at a size 2g.  i never ran into problems or infections or horrendous inflammation, and i still don't to this day unless i mess with my earrings too much(nervous tick) and then it's just redness.  

i have to say that i am in love with having larger holes, and it's definitely become a part of who i am.  i love the jewelry that is available, and i thought i'd share the best of my collection so far.

how i coped with stress last sunday

[not flattering, but who cares.  it was tasty!]

though it's not particularly bad,  i will say that 2012 so far has been throwing some weird stuff our way.  this, in turn, has been doing a number on my stress capacity.  i am a very nervous and stressed person by nature.  i always have been.  i was getting better at managing it but sometimes i fall back and just shut down.  when i can do something little to help, i do it.  so i ate a leftover grand marnier chocolate truffle from the whole foods in fairfax, va like i meant it!

Monday, January 9, 2012

my style

[fabulously white hair]

playing in the sun yesterday before we headed over the mountain again to see dearhearts.  it was such a good day!

Monday, January 2, 2012

welcome 2012!

[first partial outfit shot of the year]

[brunch for the new year charlottesville, va]

[green apple, feta, and sausage omlette]

[back at shawn and gwenn's.  this vintage doll caught my eye]

we spent our new years in charlottesville, va this year.  it was a nice way to welcome in what i hope to be a wonderful year surrounded by amazing, and wonderful people.  maybe things will work to where we get to see them more this year....?

i think a new year's resolution of mine that might not really be a resolution is make time to do more of the things that i enjoy.  no matter how small it may seem.  oh, and to invest in a new pair of boots... yes.  ;)

[freshly cut and re-touched 12.21.2011]

and i know i am a bit behind in this(surprise!) but i was able to sneak a decent photo of my hair after it was done right before christmess.  it's a lot more hair than i'm used to, but i dig it.  i think i'll like it even more once the sides grow out more and it gets trimmed up again.