Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tooth Keepsakes

[Joon's puppy teeth that she's given me so far]

Do you have something that you keep with you always?  In plain sight or tucked away, but always there?  I do.  Some may think it's weird, or endearing, but I always have a necklace with me that houses one of Cosette's upper canine puppy teeth from 8 years ago.  I may not always wear it, but it's always with me.

Now the last month and a half Joon has been teething.  Various toys have been helping her, and I'm so glad that she likes rubber toys, unlike Cosette.  This gives her something to do and keep her occupied, and for the most part, not chewing on anything important.  Thursday afternoon I caught her chewing something in her mouth and when I went to check she spit out the larger tooth, a molar.  Then later Friday afternoon I noticed that one of her lower canines was loose to where it was flopped over sideways.  I checked the other and it was loose, but not nearly as much.  Well I wasn't able to catch when the really loose one came out, but I got the other that evening when she was being particularly rough in her crate.  

I've been waiting for these.

[Dissolved root hole]

[Cosette's upper canine puppy tooth[L] next to Joon's lower canine[R]]

Now this is after I dissected my old vial to add Joon's tooth.  They look a little different as you can see.  Cosette's upper canines didn't fall out when they were supposed to.  She kept them for over a year before we had them pulled during her spay.  Despite being tiny, chihuahuas have a lot of room in their mouths and often teeth can be retained.   Both of hers were retained decidious teeth, but I only was able to get one.  As you can see her root never dissolved,  that is because there was enough room and the adult tooth came in beside.  Normally the adult tooth would push the puppy tooth, causing the root to dissolve.

Nerd much?  What can I say, I like teeth(as seen previously in this blog - wisdom teeth).


I love being able to have one of each in there to be able to keep with me always.  Now to put it on the perfect chain/cord/beading!

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