Sunday, October 30, 2011

the end of october


[after the storm cleared out]


i am usually the person who is so up to date with the weather goings-on that it's annoying, but this storm i hadn't even heard of until the day before.  our weather all through this month has been very confusing.  warm, cold, warmer, colder.  and then snow.  snow that stuck.  snow that made so many trees around my apartments, and around my entire little city break in half from the weight of it.  

it was beautiful and we ended up with a few good inches, but later in the day it started to leave.  at least i was able to get out and about to snap a few photos to show the rarity of it!  my mum said it hadn't snowed like this here before halloween since 1979.  

i guess when you look outside and you know it's october because the leaves and tress are still in full colour, it still leaves you confused as to whether or not you should be carving pumpkins or putting up the christmas tree!  

Sunday, October 23, 2011

last week of october?



[disney's vinylmation jack from a favourite dear heart]

work work work.  i've been doing a lot of it.  in some weird way, both jobs seem to balance each other out.  a good thing?  it's also so hard to believe that we're in entering the last week of october!?  it's flown by, but i knew that it would.  my only heartache really is not knowing how to dress for halloween.  well, that, and not knowing what we're even going to be getting into?  maybe not all bad.  it's been quite awhile since i've had a laid back halloween, and maybe that's in order for this year.  i guess we'll see what happens!

i also want to say hello to my new watchers :)  i've enjoyed what you share also, and thank you <3

Monday, October 17, 2011


[cosette today while we watched the new episode of The Walking Dead]

we have many pet names for cosette, and she responds to just about all of them.  there is one in particular that we call her, and you can see why here:  "lamb fetus".  what can i say?  we love her :)

fall = pumpkin patch

[middle river farms pumpkin patch  weyers cave, virigina]

[at the bottom of the hill]

[i love picking them off the vine, but i'm very careful which means i take longer]

[some of what we left with]

every fall in new mexico we'd go to mccalls pumpkin patch just outside of the city.  i know i know, pumpkins in the desert?  so when we moved back into the mountains of virginia you would assume that would be the first thing we'd do once it was fall again.. yeah not so much.  it's taken us 5 years to get to a pumpkin patch since we've been back in virginia.  that is unacceptable!   so we fixed that on saturday.  

what kills me is that the pumpkin patch we went to is so close to where we live and you pay $25 and fill up an industrial garden wagon with as many pumpkins as you can pick!  i was glad to share wagon space with my sister and my two nieces as well!  the only sad thing is the amount of pumpkins.  granted we did go a bit late, but at least we know when to go next year to get the bigger pumpkins, and the white pumpkins!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

baby got bats


shirt - rue21 a few years ago
skirt - wetseal a few years ago
fleece lined leggings - hue
shoes - converse


things have been really hectic.  i'm trying to soak october up as much as i can in between work.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


[ 10.02.2011 ]

yeah.  i'm really behind.  in everything.

i blame tumblr(my link - to the left).  i'm there every day, but i need to get back to over here as well!