Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December 2012 - part two photos

[Festive manicure for a special night with....]

[The huge surprise was my little sister, Meg, flying in from California early to go with us!]

[Meg, me, and my mom, Lori ready to see John Waters (Jeremi was too!)]

[A Christmas with John Waters!  We've been trying to get tickets for 4 years now, but it always sells out.  It was amazing and I highly recommend going next year!]

[For the first time ever, a quiet Christmas Eve]

[Christmas morning, complete with fireplace on the television]

[Ain't no shame in Joon's game]

[A few nights before we celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary, Dad cut one of these for all of his daughters]

[Nothing says Happy Holidays like white chocolate peppermint skeletons!]

[The Leg Lamp outside my parents front window.  A tradition every year]

So that was my December in a visual nutshell.  It was more quiet than most, but I totally appreciated that and felt like I was able to enjoy my time even more.


  1. This is the most awesome post!!! It feels like I was there.....LOL! oh yeah...I was for most of it!

  2. It was amazing! So glad that we finally were able to go!

  3. Your house is just the cutest.
    I'm glad that you all had a wonderful holiday :)