Tuesday, October 5, 2010


[me today 10.5.2010]

i will gush about my black pumpkin pail.  i used to have one when i was little, and like most things, through the years it was misplaced and then dubbed "lost".  now, i remember when you would see these everywhere that the pumpkin pails were sold.  every year.  never fail.  that is until you want to replace it.  once i started to look for them, they were no where to be found.  i even trolled ebay and various halloween message boards and livejoural communities in hopes that someone could spot one for me, or sell one to me.  nothing.  that is until this year walking through the mostly disappointing halloween section in target, and low and behold... my pumpkin pail.  i even sat down and went through all of them to pick the one that i thought had the best paint job....sad huh?

they remind me of vintage halloween, i think that is why i love them so much.  

and why not pucker up to it wearing the coveted MAC Venomous Villains "violetta" from the maleficent collection <3

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