Monday, September 13, 2010

new find

[20 eyelet-no-inside-zipper-gripfast-happiness 9.13.2010]

i have been without a good pair of boots for almost a year since my trusted new rocks finally died(december 2001-october 2009).  i am very picky when it comes to finding new boots, and most that i like end up having the tacky inside zipper.  the way i see it, if you're going to have combat boots, suck it up with the lacing ;}.   

friday jeremi and i went to my parents house to see if we could find our tennis rackets there.  i was rummaging around in the upstairs sewing room and found these boots.  they belonged to my little sister when she went through her "goth phase" in high school probably 12+ years ago   when she got these i opted for the shorter 14eyelet pair.  she managed to wear these out just long enough to scuff the toes to hell. with some sharpie and a change of the lacing, new life was breathed back into these.  

[standing there 9.13.2010]

outfit breakdown:
-shirt queen ester
-leggings bozzolo
-boots gripfast
-sunglasses forever21
-necklace 1 wirewrapped by my sister with moonstone and goldstone
-necklace 2 made by me.  has a little vial with cosettes puppy tooth(not in photo)

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  1. I bought Undercover boots with 30 holes and they were up to my knees. And the leather would really hurt my knees when I was standind, so I decided to cut them (Well, I let the professional do it). Now they only have 23 holes, but they're much more comfortable. And I lace them just like you do. I leave the upper eyelets out and wrap the laces around. =)