Wednesday, September 1, 2010


yeah.  i like rings.  a lot.  can you tell?  

i've been trying to organize our bedroom.  in the process i have really only managed to organize most of my jewelry and some clothes, and create a bigger mess than what i started with.  which just means a total tear down of the bedroom the way it is and rearrange.  normally i have a very hard time with rearranging, but this would be a good thing.

so yes, rings.  i've always loved them, and i say i've got a nice little collection of them.  a good 8(or more..) i've made either by wire wrapping, strategic gluing, or replacing cabochons with tiny watch gears.  then there are the repeating themes: rhinestones, insects encased in resin or lucite, bows, and purple.  

i used to be a part of a group on livejournal that was called "package friends".  it was a really neat idea and different spin on penpals.   this filigree ring was sent to me in one of the rounds i took part in and originally it had a blue cabochon that just didn't look right.  after some prying, i was able to remove it and replace it with two watch gears in a few thin layers of resin.

this is probably one of the most important to me in my collection because of who made it, what it is, and the timing of it.  on july 16th my family all went and spent a day at smith mountain lake in lynchburg, va.  my little sister, who now lives happily in san francisco, ca, was also down to visit.  the last time i had seen her she was just starting out with some intense wire wrapping art, and was still getting the hang of it.  this ring she made for me using moonstone, which is one of the june birthstones and the only one i actually like.  also one of my favourite stones for its properties for clarity, and healing.  the entire ring is made only of wire, sterling silver beads, and the single moonstone.


  1. Hey, Nicole! I just found your blog and I'm stunned. I love it! The only thing I'd change is - post more. =D
    I love rings as well. My favorite from your collection are the filigree one and the huge blue one. Great taste in jewellery! ;)

  2. why thank you for the feedback miss! i know, i do need to post more! i think as this grows it will get easier! but i need to post, to make it grow ;)