Monday, September 13, 2010

baltimore, md weekend [image heavy]

after the summer that jeremi and i have had, it was much needed to have a few days where we could completely get away from everything here at home.  with having a 4 day weekend given to me(thank you!), we took advantage and jeremi, my older sister and her two daughters, and i all went up to baltimore, md to visit the national aquarium.  it was perfect!

[dragon paddle boats tethered 9.11.2010]

[dragon paddle boats overlooking the inner harbor while it's still quiet 9.11.2010]

[hiding octopus 9.11.2010]

[amazon river exhibit.  lily in foreground 9.11.2010]

[amazon river exhibit 9.11.2010]

[sideneck turtle in the river exhibit 9.11.2010]

[puffins! 9.11.2010]

[pacific stinging nettle 9.11.2010]

[pacific stinging nettle 9.11.2010]

[cloud jelly fish 9.11.2010]

[jeremi watching the cloud jelly fish 9.11.2010]

[me watching the stinging nettles 9.11.2010]

[cluster of upside down jelly fish 9.11.2010]

[a very small upside down jelly fish and my left index fingernail for size 9.11.2010]

[matching the ship docked in the harbor 9.11.2010]

outfit breakdown:
-shirt tarea simple black tank with zippered back
-skirt forever21 from the circus twist collection
-black leggings
-shoes rampage
-drape cardigan love
-sunglasses forever21
-random accessories

[wearing sinful colours: "dream on", covergirls: "city lights", and sally xtreme: "in the spotlight"]

after our trip to baltimore, and the inner harbor, we drove up to towson, md where we were staying the night.  we settled, and then did some exploring.  the next day we woke up and went to the towson university to attend the asian many moons festival.  there was a lot to see, and do, and eat.  i particularly enjoyed the japanese dance.

[art exhibit by artist yuriko yamaguchi.  this was a shadow cast by one of the pieces. 9.12.2010]

[me with one of the pieces 9.12.2010]

[strawbunnies!  made of straws.  this was in the hands on part of the festival.  they had stations set up to where you could make things.  morgan and i did the chinese knotting.  we made a double coin knott 9.12.2010]

[the mountains as we got closer to home 9.12.2010]

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  1. Love the octopuss and the first nettle photo. And your ring too!