Thursday, December 9, 2010

hello winter and december

and i know the hellos for winter are a little premature, but given the temperature here the last week hasn't broken 35degrees, it seems appropriate!  now i'm just waiting for more than a dusting of snow!

[autopsy baby ornament jeremi made for an ornament exhange.  everyone fought for it.  my parents got it!]

[ornament that mum had me pick out for me and jeremi's first christmas together.]

[at the coffee pot back home.  my dad peeking through the window!]

[my nails looked like a candy cane shit on them!]

[pinecone string lights]

[some views of our tree.  there will be more.]

i'm trying to stay on top of all things christmas related this year.  given that i'm loosing a few days from work that they normally give out, mercury goes into retrograde tomorrow(10th-30th!), and jeremi's little sister is going to be visiting from new mexico december 20th - january 5th, i don't want to be behind!  good luck!

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