Tuesday, August 24, 2010

edward scissorhands cosbaby

there is just something about blind box toys that make me so happy.  it's too bad that where i live now i can't find them, or no one carries them.  this little one was found at astrozombies toys and comics in albuquerque, nm.  we were there on very sad terms, but this was from one of our few good days that we had while we were there.  i can't believe i completely missed these when they came out!  apparently released in 2008?  wow.  


  1. I love creepy dolls as well, but they're so hard to find. Do you own any Living Dead Dolls?

    BTW: Edward Scissorhands is one of my favorite movie characters. So adorable!

  2. i have some of the chase versions in black and white of the silent film inspired ones, and the bride of frankenstein one. i was tempted to get the beetlejuice, but i passed. i don't like the people who make them b/c of their attitude, and if i need a creepy doll fix my boylove makes the www.autopsybabies.com (very gorey to some..so weak stomachs beware!) :)

  3. =D I remember watching Beetlejuice cartoon when I was little. And I loved it. My mother and sister were appalled. XD
    Autopsybabies are really grotesque, but that's the point, so they're doing a great job. ;)