Thursday, December 9, 2010

goodbye autumn and thanksgiving

once again, a huge gap between posts.  i really need to fix that!  i'll admit, i waste too much time on tumblr.

autumn and all the wonders that come with it have come and gone peacefully and quietly.

[me as alex delarge]

[full body]

[confused chihuahua]

[halloween glitter manicure]

[most amazing halloween <3]

[our alter for dia de los muertos 11.1.2010 - 11.2.2010]

then it goes a  little quiet.  the celebration for dia de los muertos(day of the dead) was a little harder this year.    i take comfort in knowing that they are happy, worry free, and enjoyed the posole and chocolate chip cookies i laid out for them

[looking off my parents deck on thanksgiving day]

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