Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell skeleton HOMG - they arrived!

[The skeleton HOMG's right out of the box and relaced.]

They made it!  And the best part - they fit!  Perfectly even!  I had a huge disappointment earlier in the week when the Doc Marten's that I had ordered showed up unbelievably too big.  They have been sent back in exchange for the next size down... so we will see.

But these, these shoes make me laugh when I wear them!  Too much fun, and I love the 2" platform on them.

[Excellent 2" platform.]

[Trying them out in my back yard, and I managed to get my skelemingos behind me too.]

[Shoe dork sitting on the kitchen floor.]

The boylove and I are off to the yearly family reunion and I plan on wearing these.  Hopefully I'll get another full shot photo with them.


  1. Awesome shoes! Glad I'm not the only one who hugs shoes.

    1. no, no, i do too! but now i feel better about it ;)

  2. ooooh sooooo awesome shoes *o* - i think this should be the next JC's I need to buy :D

    1. I love them! They are my first JC's, but won't be my last. Really all I want now is a pair of solid black litas, or the black glitter litas. I did have to order a size up. I am normally an 8.5, and I saw it was recommended to go up a size with these. Really glad that I did. They are snug already, but still fit like a glove.