Saturday, September 15, 2012

my style: skulls and purple

[9.09.2012 photo taken with jem's iphone]

[my favourite sunglasses]



dress -  forever 21. Several years ago and it's staple for me.  Very easy to layer and looks good with anything.
black shorts - spring street
purple iris tights - Target
shoes - Rampage
scarf - rue 21
purple lucite skull ring - Masks Y Mas in Abq, NM

I wore this on what felt like the last truly hot day of the summer.  It's been a tough one this year with the heat, and then the humidity doesn't help either.  Summer, I think, is when I mostly miss living in the desert because it's all dry heat and no humidity.

That being said!  Here in Virginia, we're now approaching(finally!) the days where it stays under 80 degrees with little to no humidity!  Fall is definitely on it's way and I couldn't be happier!

[manicure for the day]

I say manicure For the day because I was lazy and didn't bother adding a topcoat.  So of course by the next day and my job, I had some pretty major tipwear and just took it off.  That is not to say that I didn't love this polish.  It's Sephora by OPI's 212.  I know it's an older shade, and to be honest I'm not sure why it took me so long to try.  There is a lot going on with it - flecks, flakes, and micro holographic glitter!  I'd say a perfect colour for Fall with the flecks catching a gold, and the flakes on the blackish brown base looking like fallen leaves!

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