Sunday, September 16, 2012

I caved today.

And I bought these.  

So I've been on the prowl for awhile now for a good pair of combat boots.  I've been lost since my beloved new rock defenders died the other year.  I'm torn between two pair of doc's, but then I found these... and i caved today.  

I've been in love with Jeffrey Campbell shoes ever since I saw the "clinic" shoes and tracked down who made them.  The Lita will be on my feet one day when I can find the glitter, or solid black in my size, but until then, these will be my first JC's!  I still want a pair of "Nightwalks", but there are several places where I've seen a good knockoff to be able to try before spending on the real thing.

I hope they fit.  We will see.  It was recommended that if you are between sizes, to go up a size.  

I'm still on my search for boots.  I keep finding them, and by the time I decide to order them my size is gone.  That is why I went ahead with these.  I missed out on the skeleton print doc martens and I still regret it.


  1. These boots are awesome, I love the platform.

  2. I am such a sucker for platforms/flatforms <3