Wednesday, December 28, 2011


[christmess morning at our house.  nothing says the holidays like a life size gremlin]

the holiday has come and gone, and i hope it was wonderful to you all.  if you don't celebrate, i hope that you had an amazing weekend!

ours was busy like normal, but still seemed to be a little more laid back.  for us it all starts on christmess eve. we go to my cousins house who has the entire family over.  but this year before we went we stopped by my biological mum's house to try her homemade mulled wine(amazing!), and to share our gifts with them.  

[her tree!]

[ornament that jeremi made last year]

christmess morning was sweet and quiet for us at our home.  cosette was excited for her stocking and the treats that were inside, and jeremi was pretty excited with his things.  me, you can't go wrong with a black nintendo 3DS complete with bust-a-move in 3D!    after coffee and showers, we headed down to my parents house who live about 30minutes away for traditional christmess morning brunch and coffee with all of the immediate family.  always so much fun!

 [decorations at mums]

[their tree christmess morning]

[my parents house christmess night]

[i love christmess lights]

[their tree]

[grinch ornament made my jeremi, poe-ho-ho ornament made by me]

[we have a peppermint pig every year]

[the star wreath on my parents house]

[my old street with the best street light]

our christmess ended with being back at my parents house for our spaghetti dinner, present and ornament exchange.  as we were leaving i decided that i need to photo our street light.  the town has 5 different designs and it's rare that our street gets the snowflake(the best one!).

i hope everyone is ready to wish 2011 goodbye, and ready to say hello to 2012.  it's going to be a weird year, i can already tell.  not a bad weird though, or at least i hope not!

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