Friday, December 16, 2011

catching up on december

[12.12.2011 what my morning looked like.  just a few more to go!]

[same morning.  red is orly's "mon cherie", and glitter sandwiched is claire's "bedazzled"]

[making christmas making christmas]

[i have random festive picks throughout my home]

[our wreath this year!  i keep it inside though because i don't trust someone to not mess it up]

[a peek into our tree]

[ earlier this month at my parents]

[i have an excellent family]

so!  here is what my decemeber has looked like so far!  it's really hard to believe that we're already so close to christmas.  i'd love to have a job where things slow down and you get a "break", but i'm in no field to allow that to ever happen!  the time i do get though, i appreciate and  i know it could be worse!  

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful wreath! I also love your nail color and skull mug.

    You MUST have an awesome family if they have A Christmas Story leg lamp! :D