Thursday, December 1, 2011


[my renovated tank ready to go]

[12.01.2011 my very first angelfish]

just to share something else that i'm quite passionate about:  fish.  when i was growing up, my dad had several tanks, and they'd come and go, be set up for awhile, and then get torn down.  it wasn't until i came back to virginia and started my job that i'm still at to this day, that i started to want to try my hand at fishkeeping again.. namely a real tank.

what i have for a main set up is a 20gal high.  your pretty basic tank, and it was first set up in 2008.  i started out with a pair of xray belly tetras, an emerald green corydora, and a glass cat.  fish have come and gone(not many though!  my fish deaths from my tanks have been very low), and just this august i lost my pair of xray belly tetras that i originally started out with.  

the tank sat empty still running, gathering algae and i had decided to tear it down.  that is until the boylove happened to spy a pair of angelfish and started asking questions about them.  this got me really excited because i had found a fish that seemed to truly  interest him too, which makes it more fun when the excitement is shared.  that alone was enough to make me want to keep the tank set up and get it ready for fish again.  it's been a month long process to clean it, treat it, "aquascape" it, and start it cycling.  last nite we introduced our first angelfish and still so far, so good!

keep your fingers crossed for us!


  1. I love the way your fishtank looks and I wish you and your BF all the best with the fish. =)

  2. thank you miss :) so far so good! it's comfortable in it's new home because now when you come up to the tank it will come out to greet you!

    actually last nite we added another, which is slightly bigger. i worried a bit, but they've stayed close together since.

  3. Your fishtank makes me happy. Deffinetly put a grin on my face today, thank you. <3