Sunday, October 23, 2011

last week of october?



[disney's vinylmation jack from a favourite dear heart]

work work work.  i've been doing a lot of it.  in some weird way, both jobs seem to balance each other out.  a good thing?  it's also so hard to believe that we're in entering the last week of october!?  it's flown by, but i knew that it would.  my only heartache really is not knowing how to dress for halloween.  well, that, and not knowing what we're even going to be getting into?  maybe not all bad.  it's been quite awhile since i've had a laid back halloween, and maybe that's in order for this year.  i guess we'll see what happens!

i also want to say hello to my new watchers :)  i've enjoyed what you share also, and thank you <3

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  1. You are right, this month has flown by...this whole year has! What happened?! I think I blinked and missed it! (Also, love your little Mickey Mouse-eared Jack) :)