Monday, October 17, 2011

fall = pumpkin patch

[middle river farms pumpkin patch  weyers cave, virigina]

[at the bottom of the hill]

[i love picking them off the vine, but i'm very careful which means i take longer]

[some of what we left with]

every fall in new mexico we'd go to mccalls pumpkin patch just outside of the city.  i know i know, pumpkins in the desert?  so when we moved back into the mountains of virginia you would assume that would be the first thing we'd do once it was fall again.. yeah not so much.  it's taken us 5 years to get to a pumpkin patch since we've been back in virginia.  that is unacceptable!   so we fixed that on saturday.  

what kills me is that the pumpkin patch we went to is so close to where we live and you pay $25 and fill up an industrial garden wagon with as many pumpkins as you can pick!  i was glad to share wagon space with my sister and my two nieces as well!  the only sad thing is the amount of pumpkins.  granted we did go a bit late, but at least we know when to go next year to get the bigger pumpkins, and the white pumpkins!

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  1. I haven't gotten any pumpkins yet this year - I need to! I'm glad you found your way back to the pumpkin patch after 5 years, its always fun and great memories!