Tuesday, October 11, 2011

baby got bats


shirt - rue21 a few years ago
skirt - wetseal a few years ago
fleece lined leggings - hue
shoes - converse


things have been really hectic.  i'm trying to soak october up as much as i can in between work.


  1. Its quite interesting to me that I stumbled across your blog, we have similar hairstyles, the same name, and both enjoy doing nails lol,the only thing is that I have had artificial nails once and it took my own nails a while to recover - if I may ask your professional opinion do you think that was just the salon I went to or the type I got or is that normal? Love your blog and the outfit in this post! :)

  2. I love love love this outfit! That t-shirt is gorgeous. It looks like a very well put-together yet comfortable look! Diggin the suspenders. I hope you enjoy the rest of Autumn and aren't too busy! :)

  3. I too really love your outfit here.
    I really want that shirt..

  4. <3 thank you guys for the comments, and for sticking through with me and my lulls in updates here!

    i'm trying :)