Sunday, July 24, 2011

style evolution

[christmas trip back home to VA 12.2004]

[2002-2004? not sure the year.  while i lived in albuquerque, nm.  i remember this being taken before we went to the state fair]



it's funny when you come across old photos of yourself that you had honestly forgotten about.  while i updated info on my flickr account last nite, i happened to see that my old webpage was listed on there.  now this little piece of the intrawebnetz hadn't been updated since 2004, so i decided to peek around.  i remember when i set that page up i decided to not have many photos of myself on it.  the few that were there made me smile and made me realize how my style has transformed over the years.  maybe not as playful as it used to be, but it's still there.  maybe just a little more sleek now..or....?  but that said, that doesn't mean i've packed away all my crinolines and petticoats away just yet!


  1. I love style evolutions! Yours is so much cooler than mine, I was a pretty tame teenage goth, although I would have killed for that crinoline :p

  2. aren't they fun :) i wish i could share photos from highschool, but my external hard drive that had those and the last 7+yrs finally died and i haven't been able to get the hard drive pulled from it yet.

    thank you for the follow too, i'm just now really getting into sharing on here so things still feel a bit me anyway!