Thursday, July 21, 2011

play back - my birthday

[my favourite purple with the milani "gems" pink version]

to ease away from all the blood and pain i've been blogging about lately due to saying goodbye(not to mention good riddance!) to my wisdom teeth, i thought i'd share some photos from my birthday that happened in june.  yes, yes a little behind, but that is okay.  i'm getting better!

[woe woe, another birthday?]

[obligatory birthday sushi! the roll in the middle was on the house from chef soon]

[6.13.2011 showing off my dress]

[birthday face]

[sanrio doc marten's - shock!!]

despite it being a birthday, which i normally don't handle well at all(i don't know...), i did really well and was not a crankyass all day!  i'm sure everyone around me appreciated that as well.  it was a nice and quiet day with not a lot planned but to see family as we could.  the day ended with the perfect strawberry amaretto cake that my mum makes every year.

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  1. I also don't handle birthdays well. Especially mine. =D Looks like your had a great time.