Saturday, July 2, 2011

it's been awhile

[7.2.2011 how i started my day.  i needed the big cup.]

[a mix of patterns]

it's been awhile.  a long while.  not as long as i wanted to go without an update of sorts.  shame!  i partly blame life in general(work, school, etc.), and the link to the left that says tumblr.  i added that because it's almost like a daily blog through photos.  either my own, or others found that are relevant.

a lot has been happening.  i have one week left to go of school.  throughout school i've done more than 30 manicures and more than 20 pedicures, over 200 fingers of various nail enhancements like tips, fiberglass wraps, hard UV gels, and acrylic overlays and sculpts.  my current GPA is a B+ and i will take that considering how much has gone on in my life these past 5 months OUTSIDE of school, and with working 45hrs a week and not missing one day of class.  

i am hoping that sometime in august will be when i attend my state board practical, and my state board written i'd like to be done with sometime in july.  

then there is this:

[pano xray, left side 6.16.2011]

my wisdom teeth.  one of the top things that i have feared since i was 18.  it happens on july 12th at 9.10am. this is a HUGE deal for me, but i think i'm ready for it.  the left side will be the worse.  the right has my upper grown through, and the lower sitting upright, not sideways.  it's nice to know that it will be happening when i've taken time off work.  mostly for this.  

so yes.  things and stuff, and more things and stuff.  i'll try much harder, and will have more time once next week is out of the way.  maybe


  1. Welcome back! Hope you get some rest after your school finishes. And I'll keep my fingers crossed for your wisdom teeth operation. Stay cool! =)

  2. hello!!!! :D i hope that you are well

    i hope so too, a lot. it's funny b/c i can't relax. and that being totally honest. my brain will not allow me to relax like normal people do. i even told my boylove that my idea of a vacation would be my brain being turned off. looks like i'll get my wish once i'm on all the anesthesia and pain medication..har har!