Tuesday, July 10, 2012

our home

I realized the other day that I had somehow accidentally deleted my post about the move and into our new home!  Ooops!  While I thought about it and got annoyed, I realized that the photos I had shared for it weren't as good as they could have been.  Throughout the entire process, I tried to take as many photos as I could while I was here when changes were happening.  Jem was doing so much, and he even made time between big changes to take a photo of the before, which I'm so glad that he did!

Basically we started looking to move in January.  Not even sure we'd find anything, or where.  Charlottesville is where we spend a lot of time as it is, even when we lived in New Mexico.  When we would come back to the valley to visit, we would always come over to Charlottesville.  When we moved back to Virginia in 2007, we formed an entire second family.

So we got lucky!  By January 25th we were signing papers to put in an offer.  It went through, but would not close until the end of March.  The official closing date ended up being March 29 and then the whirlwind began!  Jem quit his job, and spent all April working on our home.  We had been making a lot of decisions before we ever moved in, and I'm glad that we did.  I can only imagine how far behind we'd probably be still.  A week before our move date, my great grandmother passed away unexpectedly.  This put a serious dent in our progress, but we knew what we had to focus on.  All I can say is that my little sister, Meg, who had flown in from California was a huge help to us.  

After that it took a bit to get back into the swing, but when you have a deadline with a crappy apartment complex, you go!

Thankfully we were able to say goodbye and good riddance to Harrisonburg, and hello to Charlottesville !  I'm so happy to say that now we live in an area where we don't feel stagnant, there are things to do, good places to eat, and amazing friends.

Sometimes I hold back because I don't want to jinx it, but I'm happy!

[The kitchen before and after. The z-brick back splash managed to work a space into our hearts long enough to give it a try.  We dig it!]

[Pretty much the same view from the front window in our living room.  Cosette is much happier now also]

[The living room looking toward the front window]

[The downstairs bathroom before and after taken with Jem's Iphone]

[The upstairs bathroom before and after taken with Jem's Iphone]

The bathrooms are where I missed a lot.  The upstairs was last to be finished by the time we moved in, so there aren't as many photos.  The upstairs was pretty much fabricated by Jem and a contractor that he found.  We had already moved in when it was being finished, but only details.  I adore our bathroom.

Even though it looks like we're done, there is so much more.  We have done an amazing job with the downstairs, and the upstairs is started,  but there is still a lot to do!  As we continue I'll be sure to share.  I think one of our next challenges is getting the art room done, and the black and white stripe wall paper up in the guestroom.


  1. You have an amazing place, I love your decor. Being in the middle of some home improvements myself, I wish you the best of luck in getting things done quickly and exactly as you imagined them in your head ;)

    1. thank you so much, and I hope that you renovations and changes are coming along nicely as well. we are almost able to notch another room off the list - the art room. painted, but still a lot of unpacking to do for that room and things to display...whew!

  2. Oh, what a fantastic place :o. I love it. And I really, really like your blog. I follow :).

    1. thank you!! I hope that you enjoy it, and thanks for saying hello! <3