Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Albuquerque, NM 2012 6/9 - 6/12

I used to live in Albuquerque, NM.  Originally I am from Virginia, but I did spend nearly 7 very influential years in New Mexico and the desert.  What brought me there?  A long and old story, but easily, love.  I was accepted into an entirely new family and way of things.  I don't think that I could live there again, but I certainly took a lot from there and it shaped me for the better I think.

We left in 2007, and found ourselves back suddenly in July of 2010 for two weeks for one of the worst experiences that I have had to go through.  That was the last time I was there.

So I can honestly say that when Jem told me we were going to ABQ and Las Vegas for my birthday, I was nervous.  I wanted to go back, but I wanted to be able to be at peace and not think for the whole trip to ABQ about the accident and what we all went through the last time we were there.  Jem left a few days before me to go to the ABQ ComicExpo, and to spend time with family from out of town.  I got there on the 9th, and things just sort of fell back into place.  Sure, the thoughts were there but they weren't overbearing.  Jem and I were able to go off on our own, visit old haunts, see old friends, and spend time together there like we used to.

[From Charlottesville, Va to Charlotte,Nc]

[From Charlotte, Nc to Denver, Co]

[First things first : eat at the frontier]

[We went "sight seeing" and found sets from Breaking Bad.  Walt's house.  It was so crazy to see how close this was in relation to where we used to live.  A lot of the third/fourth season was filmed near our old hood.   I used to drive by the same Octopus car wash at Hoffmantown every day from work]

[San Felipe De Neri built in 1793.  One of my favourite places]

[In the courtyard of San Felipe De Neri]


[Highly edited photo of me from Jem's iPhone at San Felipe De Neri]

Just up from the San Felipe De Neri is one of my favourite stores in all of ABQ.  Hispane.  Full to the brim of folkart/masks/dia de los muertos.  <3!

[These were here before we moved.  I made a point to go and say goodbye to them.  So happy to have seen them again.  I wanted to bring one home, but they got way more expensive and I was afraid they wouldn't travel well.]


It was so amazing to visit old haunts and to have people remember us.  I was surprised by this, but it also made me so happy.  With all the conversations and hugs, it was almost like we hadn't been away almost 5 years.

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