Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween weekend 2011 - part two - home

[pre surgery]

[taking a break from serious pumpkin carving - meg, my little sister]


[our pumpkins actually got carved this year!]

halloween day was spent being lazy and staying close to home, visiting grandma and a sick mum, feasting, carving pumpkins, sipping spiked cider, and watching movies.

not a bad halloween weekend.  though, i will say that it made me realize that i slacked a lot this year with preparation.  next year it will be different!  watch out!


  1. The pumpkins you carved look great and I love your surgery tray picture too lol

  2. thank you miss :) i was glad that we made time to carve them. usually we'll have pumpkins, but never carve them. i wish i'd stepped back from mine to take photos of everyone though.