Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween weekend 2011 - part one - charlottesville

[clip from monster squad explaining wolfman's nards]

[shawn's creation]

[my nard was showing]

our weekend included spending some much needed time with some of the most amazing people we know, seeing Monster Squad for the first time(for me anyway), having "wolfman's nards" while watching Monster Squad: "my nards are showing"  "top 'em off!"!  

wolfman's nards:
1 1/2oz vodka(we started off with svedka, and then went with pinnacle's whipped cream vodka..amazing)
1oz kahlua 
3/4 oz cream
lindt chocolate truffles dropped in

my wolfman apparently had a cryptorchid....heh.  

[10.30.2011 before leaving]

[get it.. brighter fires..]

[broken glass cupcakes - red velvet cake with cream cheese, and broken candy glass shards]

[the pumpkin carving skills there were amazing]

on sunday we made it back over the mountain to go see the first show by Brighter Fires, two amazing and talented people(see also Andy Deane of Bella Morte).  they did wonderful for it being 36degrees outside, and their first live run through!  i'm glad that we were able to make it to support.


  1. Your skull makeup is amazing! The cocktail sounds divine, I must try it.

  2. I agree the makeup is awesome, and Wolfmans Nards sounds yummy haha! ^_^

  3. thank you ladies :) my other two costumes failed for various reasons, so instead of doing my fall back fall back idea - la catrina, i decided to just do skull face with the help of my boylove.

    the cocktail is so good, but drink it while watching monster squad ;) and use the whipped cream vodka!