Monday, August 22, 2011

skyline drive, virginia 8.21.2011

[veiw from blackrock on the skyline drive at big meadows 8.21.2011]

i had every intention to update on saturday seeing as that was a day off, but family mountain picnics and sharing a computer room with my little sister-in-law(kind of..) who is visiting before she's off to college, while still giving her privacy leaves me really only able to peek at this from my phone.  today is another day off, and while the boylove and heather are in the living room watching "monster in the closet", i figured i could squeeze that update in.

like i said, heather has been visiting with us since the 16th when she flew in from albuquerque, nm.  she'll be here until the 25th when we leave to take her to start her college career in pennsylvania.  she's is really excited, and i'm so excited for her.  it's been a blast having her here visiting.

there has been work during her visit, but i had time off still so i decided to use some to be able to spend time with her while she was here.  in between work, and sleep, we've been able to get out and show her a non-winter version of virginia.  this has included foiled trips to a nearby lake, dinner at my parents, and trips to local mountains.  on saturday, we all went up to big meadows on the skyline drive to have a real picnic together.  always fun, but i always forget how much of a loudmouth cosette can be.

[the hike up to blackrock]

[cosette on blackrock]

[heather making face]

[heather, cosette, and i]

[me and the bean]

[ happy i found my old wildboyz shirt]

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