Wednesday, August 3, 2011

getaway day 7.30.2011 pt.2 - peaks of otter winery

[doesn't look like much...]

as we were driving toward smith mountain lake, we passed a road that led up toward two distinct looking peaks.  when my sister, meg, saw the sign she immediately started to freak out and point, "it's up there!!".  apparently 5 years ago she went up to the peaks of otter winery to a tasting and fell in love with their "sweet heart" wine which is made from apples and pomegranates, and has obviously left a lasting impression on her.  she was shot down with the typical mother response "we're going to the lake.  we aren't doing both." 

now i'm not sure if it was planned from the very beginning or not, but it was a nice surprise and a nice ending to our day spent on the lake.  this was my first wine tasting and probably one of the more unique ones that i'll ever do, so i'm glad it was my first.

[starting out]

[meg and jeremi going over their wine information sheet]

[not your average wine flavors here..oh no]

[the one i wanted to try the most.  pumpkin pie.  i think it would be better chilled than warm served]

[yeah.. i kissed the devil.  it hurt.  the thing with this wine is that it is made from 30 types of chilies.  when he said half of those 30 were habanero with some ghost chilies thrown in...yeah.]

["chili dawg" wine.  lick spray cheeze off your finger, then taste.  instant chili weird.]

[stolen from my mom.  this is 5minutes in after trying "kiss the devil".  they gave us an apple wine chaser, but it hurt so bad i could barely get that down.  pain lasted about 15minutes.  the things i'll do for a sticker.]

so what wine did we end up with?  the "plumlicious", "blueberry muffin", and jem had to have a bottle of "kiss the devil".  meg was able to leave with some of her coveted "sweet heart" wine, which is a good thing because they can't ship wine to california.

[meg and i. bedford, va]

[jem and i. bedford, va]

[yay us!]

we're the type of family that finds random suspension bridges and decide to have photo ops on them :)

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