Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cosette and I

[My 8 year old chihuahua, Cosette and I]

[Being silly in the back yard]

Outfit Breakdown:
Zoya polish in Ivanka
Forever21 skeleton key dress
assorted jewelery
NYX Matte lipstick in Bloody Mary
MAC Carbon eyes

The weather today has made me even more ready for fall.  Even though it was still in the low to mid 80's, there was no humidity which made it so much more bearable!  

And I don't think that I have introduced my chihuahua, Cosette officially.  She has a huge part of my heart.  She's my best friend on 4 legs, and my fur child.  She's been through a lot with us, and been all over the United States either by car or plane.  It's really hard to believe that she turned 8 years old in  May, but she hardly shows it.  I honestly don't know what I would do without her.  I was once told that chihuahuas are healers, and I can honestly attest to that. 


  1. I love your outfit, you look awesome. And it's nice that you've got a pet, I haven't but I would have one :(.

  2. aww thank you :) i am totally in love with that dress <3 i wasn't ever really a "dog person" until i met her. she's changed the world for me and my boylove for the best. we keep talking of looking to find a new chihuahua friend for her since she's getting older. we'll see what happens!