Friday, March 25, 2011

new nails, new camera

[ 3.25.2011 CG: "in the lime light" and CG: "fault line" ]

the more i use the crackle polishes that i was able to get, the more i love them.  especially "fault line".  sure it's thicker than the others, but it's a purple crackle and has a shimmer.  i'd like to think that it was made just to be layered over slime green <3

the black is still my favourite, imagine that!  and as soon as i can find them again, i'll pick up another bottle for safe hoarding.  every where in my sleepy little town is sold out, and aren't expecting more until may.   i saw the OPI display, but the shatter was gone.  all i've been able to try is the CG's, but i love them!  i'll be interested in seeing the new OPI's, especially the serena williams.  

on other notes, i finally found a new point and shoot camera that makes me happy, and not disappointed.  after much looking at the olympus FE series, and the stylus series, and some nikon peeking thrown in,  i finally decided to go with a nikon s8100 and i love it.  it will be nice now to have a very good, reliable little camera that can easily go with me places.  sometimes lugging a nikon DSLR isn't practical.

maybe now i'll post more!  especially seeing as how i have a penchant for macro, and this has a surprisingly good macro and super macro function <3<3

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