Sunday, July 11, 2010

predator blood

[china glaze - kiwi coolada - or aka predator blood ;D]

i love obnoxious jewelry, i really do.  especially rings.

vintage lucite beetle ring - three story thrift mall in albuquerque, nm.  a friend had seen it and gave me the tip!
hello kitty-esque purple rhinestone bow - snot topic
rhinestone eyeball - chacha's in charlottesville, va
moonstone ring(one of my birthstones) - 10,000 villages in harrisonburg, va

[spot the chihuahua?]

my living room as of today.  that poor bodyworlds poster needs a proper frame.  i remember how hard it was to get that on the plane and back to albuquerque, nm without getting ruined.

our coffee table has seen a few paint jobs.  mostly all black, but jem decided to do something different.  tribute to tim burton and the MoMA exhibit <3

forever love to my scott radke puppet.

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  1. thanks for updating :) i check this everyday! miss you