Tuesday, May 4, 2010

april 17th 2010 NYC and tim burton

since november and the announcement that the MoMA would be hosting an exhibit of tim burton's works throughout his career, i'd been even more desperate than ever to get to NYC.  with my job in retail(ugh) and the christmas season, i wasn't allowed to take time off aside from my regular scheduled days.  after the holidays had come and gone, virginia had an unusually rough winter season, which was fine by me!  after the 4+ feet of snow that fell on us, the sickness came and lasted through march.  geeze!

on 3.16.2010 while i'm sick-dozing on the couch, my biological mum, lori, calls me to tell me that 4.17 is a day to request off because we were headed to NYC to see the exhibit.

i have to say NYC was everything i imagined and i felt unusually at home there.  maybe i just miss living in a real city.  for it being a day trip, it was amazing and satisfying and i know that i'll make it back again.  the exhibit was breathtaking and more then i could have hoped for.  and yes, i cried twice.  the first from seeing the robot from edward scissorhands, the second from seeing the concept drawings of the family dog which i still can recite after seeing the cartoon air on the tv show "amazing stories" back in the 80's.

[top of the rock 67(?) stories up
wasn't something that i really planned on doing, but so glad i did.]

[i didn't want to be too fan-girl, but i still managed to sneak stripes in on my black on black sequin stripe leggings <3]

[hello, i love you.]

[me with a replica of the reindeer topiary from edward.
the real sculpture is still in tim burton's garden.  back end held up back wooden poles :}]

[family dog!]


[jack and sandy claws undies <3]

it was a day of newness, fun, art, and a drink or two ;}  not to mention to best cheesecake shared with the best people!

i'm sure that there is more that i have missed.  words and visuals.  but for now, this will do.

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  1. Yay you updated :D
    Even though I'm almost a month late checking, oops.
    I'm still so glad you got to go. :)