Saturday, February 20, 2010

a lazy saturday

seeing as how i'm usually always working on a saturday, when i get a weekend off it can sometimes be really hard to be totally motivated.  so today was good for cleaning, nail painting, and curling.

[a good part of my morning was spent watching curling with my nephew and later jeremi]

[and with cosette who was snuggled like a snook in the nook.]

and then to the painting!  living in a sleepy little "city" can make it harder to find the higher-end nail polishes.  thankfully someone i know with a license to shop at a cosmetics store was able to pick up two bottles of OPI's mad as a hatter from the alice in wonderland series for me.  there's only been a handful of OPI polishes that i've been able to try, and this went on like a dream!  there is enough glitter that i didn't need a darker base coat to make it stand out.  it hasn't chipped yet and having OCD and constant handwashing will usually chip a glitter bomb like this right off, but so far this has held up!  i swear i won't pick this one off either!

and then playing with my camera is always something to do.  this is span of sunset's runaway brain neon variant.  one of my most favourite pieces in our urban vinyl collection.  we have alot of it spread throughout our home!

[tokens to la santísima muerte]

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  1. Playing catch-up can sometimes be quite interesting when you finally have a day off! I enjoyed visiting your blog and would be honored if you stopped by my blog some time as well. Take care

    ~ Brialee ~